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Grooming Story:
Art of Scent

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How to wear cologne like a true gentleman

1. You can wear more than one scent to create a signature scent like no other. Pick a classic scent that most suits your personality and spray it on your chest and ears. Then, add a scent that reflects your mood or suits the occasion. Wear this scent on your wrists and the back of your neck. When you move, this additional scent will create a twist to your overall scent and create a nice impression before you say goodbye.  

2. If you have an intense scent such as oud wood or spices, wear it with plain and simple clothes, such as a plain white or black shirt. Avoid wearing it with prints, and refrain from wearing accessories. You can undo the top two buttons to let the scent emerge. This will give you a cool and sexy edge. This type of scent works best with a minimal look.  

3. Scent doesn’t necessarily mean cologne. You can layer a scent on yourself by using different products such as body gel, body lotion, and aftershave, all of the same scent as the cologne you’re wearing. This will help the scent last longer. You can also spray some cologne on your hands and rub it on your hair to intensify the scent.

4. Another way to play with scent is to use scented candles or home aroma at home. You can also place a diffuser in your closet to make your clothes smell nicer. Having a beautifully-scented home is a nice way to make an impression on your guests. 

5. Here’s a quick way to find the right scent for you or for others when you don’t have much time. Look at the colour of the bottle. Sporty and citrus scents are usually in a blue, green, yellow or white bottle. Warm and youthful scents with vanilla and musk usually come in a cream or peach bottle. Floral and fruity scents are often in a pink bottle. Colognes with hints of leather, tobacco, scented wood and spices are usually in a dark bottle such as black, brown or violet. 



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