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Cast a Magic Spell
With Your Lustrous Locks

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Cast a Magic Spell with Your Lustrous Locks

If eyebrows are the crown of the face, the soft silky hair must be the beauty who takes the crown herself. POWER volunteers to chaperone this so-called beauty in order to give the ultimate hair care tips. Read on, girls, if you want to cast a spell with the beauty of your hair that is worthy of the crown

Dry and brittle hair, uncontrollable frizz and flyaway are not caused merely by hormones or genetics. These days daily environmental aggressors are also the villains who brutally damage our hair and scalp. The list just does not stop there. All those things girls do to up your styling game; hair straightening, perming, colouring and tons of others. That said, it is a major pain to maintain awesome flowy hair day in, day out. You do need to nourish your hair and scalp big time. Here are some tips to keep up that shiny glossy hair to get a boost on your confidence without going to the salon.

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Healthy hair starts from the basic hair cleaning but you have to do it right
It is not a good idea to wash your hair every day. Shampoo could strip natural oil and leave your hair dry. Gym girls and oily-haired girls may detest the idea of putting up with excessive sweat and itching. You may continue that daily hair washing but please do yourself a favour by sticking to mild shampoo or one that is formulated for your hair type to lessen the irritation on your dried scalp.


  • Do not use soap instead of shampoo. This would leave lime scale deposits on your hair making it dull and your hair could look even dirtier.
  • You should shampoo your hair with cold water and by that we mean water at room temperature. Warm or hot water cause the hair to lose its moisture leaving the scalp dry and the hair damaged. If you love to take a hot shower, maybe you could use hot water to rinse the shampoo off only and stick to cold water when rinsing the conditioner off. Cold water closes hair’s cuticle and present a smooth shiny appearance as well as reduce frizzy hair.

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Use treatment for deep hair nourishment
Most girls think it is enough to just use conditioner. In fact, conditioner provides short-term smoothness to your hair. Treatment contains essential nutrients and goes deeper than hair smoothing. Girls with long hair especially need intense nourishment from the root down to the end of your strands. To restore your bouncy full-bodied healthy-looking hair, leaving treatment on your hair for 10-15 minutes around 2-3 times per week. Remember to use cold water to rinse it off.


  • Do not apply conditioner to the entire strands. Just work it around the middle to the end of strands and avoid the root and scalp to prevent the issues of excessive hair oil or dandruff.
  • Remedy for split ends which most long-haired girls tend to have is to trim off the ends frequently. Having a haircut every 3 months is recommended so that the hair could get enough nutrition.

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Air drying or blow drying
What you should do after hair washing is just gently pat your wet hair with a towel or let it air dry naturally. However, we seldom have the luxury of time to air dry it. Most of us have to dash out before it dries and our hair get tangled up and messier with all the pollution. More often than not, we have to resort to hair dryer, try to avoid blowing hot air to keep the hair moisture. Blasting the cool air is your best bet here.


  • You are not supposed to rough up your hair while it is wet as it is more susceptible to frizz, broken ends and tangles.
  • Hair combing after shampooing should be done gently with a wide-tooth comb when hair is half dry. Always brush the hair from the ends up. Starting from the bottom allows you to tackle tangles along the hair shaft without damage. Then work your brush up to the top. Do not ever brush knotty hair from the roots to the ends.

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Avoid exposure to strong sunlight
Just as it can damage your facial skin, the sun can also damage your hair. Not only the heat from hair styling gadget, the heat of the sun is also responsible for taking away the moisture from your hair. It is best to prep your hair before going outdoor in the sun with anti-UV hair care items. Bring along a parasol or wide brimmed hat for extra protection if you can.


  • If refraining from outdoor activities is impossible, we recommend you apply one of those leave-on hair care products as a precaution to keep up your locks lustrous.

This is just our two cents in taking care of your hair and scalp which you can do it at home easily. However, we also want to mention other things that contribute to your healthy hair here apart from the basic tips mentioned above. We must not forget the merit of good food, sufficient sleep and proper exercises. All these should be done simultaneously and constantly in order to accomplish healthy from the inside out start from your head down to your toes.


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