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Beauty Insider:
5 Beauty Tricks

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5 beauty tricks that will make your life easier and your look more flawless.
A few tweaks to your routine can transform your look.  

1. Liquid concealer can sometimes be too watery and cannot cover up your spots and imperfections properly. This could be due to the oil content of the product. The trick is to put the concealer aside in small jars, and leave the lids off for 15 minutes to let the oil evaporate a little bit. That way, the texture will be less runny, and the concealer will offer more coverage and last longer.   

2. Blue light from your phone, computer and TV is a high-energy, short-wavelength light which not only affects your eyes, but also can penetrate deep into the skin, causing premature ageing. Blue light actually causes more skin damage than UV rays! Now, put the phone down, turn off your computer and TV, and just enjoy a walk outside, go exercise or find other activities to do to avoid exposing your skin to too much blue light.  

3. Applying powder after foundation can make your skin look dry and amplify your lines. Super matte skin looks unnatural and overly done. Tap some translucent powder on the puff, and use tissue paper to wrap around the puff. Press it gently on the skin after foundation or when you want to reduce the shine on your skin. Tissue paper can help reduce the amount of powder so that the skin looks more natural. This will make your skin look healthy and not too matte.   

4. When you put on make-up, apply lipstick before putting on your cheek colour. The colour of your lipstick determines how much cheek colour you will need. Imagine wearing bright pink cheek colour and bright red lips — that’s a bit much. If you wear your lipstick before you put on your blush on, you can adjust the colour and intensity accordingly. If your lips are nude, the cheek colour can be slightly heavier than usual so you don’t look too pale.    

5. When the weather gets hot, your eyebrow pencil or eyeliner pencil can go soft and break easily. Put it in the fridge to ensure the texture isn’t too soft. Better yet, store your make-up pencils in the fridge to prolong the use. 




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