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Behind the Scene: Splendour of Lifestyle Destination

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Full splendour befitting the grand opening of the new
King Power Rangnam, Thailand’s new lifestyle destination

In addition to going all out with the fashion set to explore the new look of King Power Rangnam, exclusively before its public debut, this issue also brings two hot actors “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak and Mario Maurer, presenters of King Power, to show you around this empire of happiness under the concept Beyond Duty Free. You will forget all your traditional duty free experiences.

This fashion set is a special collaboration among the best of the best. Pong’s set is styled by Thailand’s leading fashion guru “Pook” Jongkol Palarit who takes the role as a stylist for the first time for Power magazine. Legendary photographer “Ple” Wasan Puengprasert is the man behind the camera. Meanwhile, in Mario’s set is the work of top stylist Sanshai Jirat Subpisankul and top photographer “George” Tada Varich.

For this issue, Sanshai wants the fashion set to illustrate the wonderful stories of the new King Power Rangnam, a lifestyle destination for every lifestyle need of every traveller, from fashion and entertainment to dining. It is an addictive experience that will make you come back for more.

Behind the scene of the fashion set, everyone had fun with this project. For Pong’s set, to find the best angles to reflect the new concept of King Power Rangnam, the celebrated photographer had visited the venue one day in advance to get to know the place better. Therefore, on the actual day, it was a breeze. Chinese tourists who are fans of Pong surround the set, but that’s not a problem at all. Everything flows smoothly. The result is this remarkable cover image of Pong at the dome in front of King Power Rangnam, together with Mario’s cover which presents a panoramic view.

For Mario’s set, while the weather doesn’t seem to be on our side in the morning, the sky clears up by noon, allowing the team to take gorgeous outdoor shots before touring the inside of King Power Rangnam. The set attracts attention from Thai and foreign customers alike, and many can’t resist the urge to take a few pictures with the handsome actor. Mario doesn’t seem to mind at all — he keeps his broad smile on his face the whole time, and stops to pose for his fans. Mario is an energetic young man who’s a true professional, bringing smile and laughter to the crew. The set wraps up wonderfully in no time.

It’s hard to decide which of these two actors is hotter. The onlookers seem to agree with this — they can’t take enough photos of the two King Power presenters.



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