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Lifestyle Update:
The Art of Floral Composition

Chloé L’Atelier des Fleurs is an exclusive collection of 9 immaculately designed floral fragrances designed by the finest perfumers to be layered in combinations of two or three as a personal floral signature. Compose your own olfactive bouquet from a variety of fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves in nature. Rosa Damascena reveals a crisp rose scent which was inspired by elegant layers of rose petals of perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie’s childhood memory. SHOP NOW Lavanda captures perfumer Quentin Bisch's childhood visions of bursting rays of the sun shining through green foliage and a cosy home vibe brimming with aromatic lavender scents. SHOP NOW Perfumer Louise Turner transcribed the charming notes of Magnolia blossoms in sunny springtime of England. She drew on their precious fragrance to create Magnolia Alba. SHOP NOW The tender scent of Cedrus is rooted in the perfumer Quentin Bisch's childhood memory of a bouquet that his father gifted to his mother.…
June 2, 2020