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Power Experience: Flavours of Travelling

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Life is a flavourful journey for two travel and shopping buddies “Mark Thawin P Seawtong”
and “Daeng Nantana Huangrak“. King Power, as the gateway to every traveller’s journey,
is like a seasoning that makes a trip more pleasant for the pair.

Mark and Daeng began their friendship one fateful day five years ago, and it was a memory to cherish for life. “We met through a client and my assistant. We share the same lifestyle — we love food, travel and shopping — so we hit it off right away,” Mark recalled.

Thanks to their shared interests, they soon became food, shopping and travel buddies who explored the world together. “When I travel with my friends and the trip is shopping-focused, Daeng is always invited,” said Mark with a smile. He shared the story about his recent trip to Germany, in which he went with six close friends. “It was very memorable because I went with my close friends. It’s hard to make a trip like that happen — it took over a year to make a trip that fit everyone’s schedule — but it was worth the wait. Shopping with my good friends was so much fun. I remember that on the way back, the van was packed with the stuff we’d bought,” he said as Daeng nodded along.

The two are serious shoppers, but who’s better at shopping? “Daeng is a real shopaholic,” Mark said. Daeng added, “I’ve always been a King Power customer, since it was located at World Trade Centre. I’ve seen King Power grow and develop all these years. Every time I travel, I don’t have a lot of time to shop before boarding the plane, so I always shop at King Power Rangnam before my trip. I can shop leisurely without having to worry about being late for my flight. I hardly go to shopping malls now —

it’s better to buy make-up and brand name products at King Power, because I’m well taken care of by the staff, who always recommend the best products.” Daeng is so impressed with King Power and told Mark to become a King Power member too.

Mark added that when he travels, he always arrives at the airport a few hours before the flight to allow some time for shopping and checking out the latest make-up and luxury brand items.

“Every time I travel, I always visit King Power. I make it a point to check out the make-up and luxury brand zones. Did you know? There are many items that can’t be found in the city but are on offer at King Power Suvarnabhumi Airport. For example, I bought many of my Chanel items at the airport. Make-up products and fragrances here are also cheaper and you can be assured of the quality. It’s definitely better than buying them overseas because you don’t have to carry them around. I always buy something when I come to King Power Suvarnabhumi Airport. When I don’t travel, I ask someone to do the shopping for me here.”

These special experiences have become memorable moments that the two share together. To Mark and Daeng, King Power is a flavourful part of their every journey. “Thank you King Power for making our trips more enjoyable!” Mark said with a smile.

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