“Bangkok Nowhere”
The Metropolis Like No Other

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New Drops from Mahanakhon

Inspired by Bangkok’s melting hotpot of fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture, Mahanakhon crafts unique designs that beg to be different with modern perspectives to offer novel experiences which appeals to Bangkok’s subcultures.

Mahanakhon’s latest collection – Bangkok Nowhere: The Metropolis Like No Other– borrows an inspiration from what you normally spot on the streets of Bangkok. This collection expresses Mahanahkon’s quirky signature through 4 new characters.

Durian Run Run As the king of Thai fruits, durian often takes the honour of welcoming the visitors of Bangkok metropolis. Mahanakhon created durian as a fun character mixed with “wai” – Thai gesture of feeling grateful or apology.

Mr. Toss Mahanakhon transformed an intimidating look of Ramayana’s Tossakan into this friendly character to match a friendly trait of Thai people and put some street style into the mix.

Bangkok Monkey Boy Inspired by Hanuman of Ramayana fame, Mahanakhon included his fun and playful character in designing fashion items together a brand in typography.

2 Fing BKK Two-finger hand gesture symbolises happiness and peace which are the traits of Thai people who are known as friendly and peace-loving people. Drawn in Thai-style, this hand gesture has a naughty and teasing touch which lets you enjoy spiking your friend in Mahanakhon style with just a flip.

Mahanakhon’s Bangkok Nowhere is now available on Facebook, Instagram and LINE app. Special treats for every purchase! Send us a receipt of any Bangkok Nowhere purchase to get free Bangkok Nowhere Limited Edition* sticker set and Durian Run Run on LINE Sticker Shop.

* Limitedly available
* The Company reserves the right to change a complimentary offer / terms and conditions without prior notice

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