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Grooming Story: What Causes Acne

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One of the main causes of acne is androgen or male sex hormone which triggers the oil gland to produce more oil, causing the skin to be oily. If the skin’s cell turnover ability is poor, or if you do not properly cleanse your skin, the pores are clogged and acne is formed. Worse yet, with extra oil, the oil feeds the bacteria, causing inflammation of the acne.

So, if your skin is oily, you are more likely to get acne, because there’s a higher chance of your pores becoming clogged.

In addition to hormone, heredity also plays an important role. This one is up to fate — if you are born into a family of clear-skinned folks, you are likely to have their skin. If your parents have acne, chances are so will you.

Stress, lack of sleep, and extreme lifestyle can also throw your hormones off balance and the skin thus produces more oil. You may notice that when you’re under stress or don’t get enough sleep, your face is oilier than usual.

If you’re a smoker, cigarette smoke can also cause clogged pores and blackheads. Smoking damages the skin as the skin doesn’t get enough oxygen. To increase its oxygen intake, the skin enlarges the pores. When the pores are large, smoke and pollution can get trapped in them. This is what causes acne and blackheads. Second-hand smokers can also experience this. However, smoking is just a trigger, not a cause. If you have oily skin, try to refrain from smoking or being around those who smoke. This can reduce the chance of getting acne.

Ideally, only wash your face 2-3 times a day.
Be gentle when you cleanse your face.
Do not rub and scrub too hard as the skin can be inflamed.

Constipation is also another cause of acne. Try consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables to ensure daily bowel movements.

Certain medicine such as steroid and lithium can trigger acne in some people. Chemicals in make-up, such as silicone in foundation, make-up base and primer, can also lead to acne.

Cleansing the skin the wrong way is another factor. Some don’t cleanse the skin properly and cannot get rid of excess oil and impurities, or some overdo it and end up triggering the skin to produce more oil to protect the skin. Ideally, only wash your face 2-3 times a day. Be gentle when you cleanse your face. Do not rub and scrub too hard as the skin can be inflamed.

Sunlight and heat can also stimulate your oil glands. Some people think that sunscreen cause acne. It doesn’t. Not wearing sunscreen is even worse for acne. When the weather is hot, the skin may break out. First of all, try to avoid being in a hot and sunny place. Wear sunscreen daily. Certain acne medication makes the skin sensitive to sunlight, so make sure you wear enough sunscreen.

The trick is to choose the right sunscreen for your skin. If you have oily skin, choose clear lotion or gel formula which is not sticky. If you have sensitive skin, SPF15 is enough for your everyday life. The higher the SPF, the higher the chemicals.

Last but not least, what you eat also matters. It’s not clear yet what kind of food, such as dairy and chocolate, can cause acne. As a person with dairy intolerance, when I consume dairy products, I feel bloated. Milk contains a lot of hormones, which can trigger the oil glands. Sweet and sugary food can also stimulate androgen production, and sugar may cause skin inflammation and increase candida in the intestine. Personally, although it’s still debatable whether sugar and dairy products can cause acne, I think they should be consumed in moderation.



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