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Shopping Phenomenon
at King Power Rangnam

Ultimate privileges for King Power members and Thai customers in general! It’s certainly not the usual affair when King Power Rangnam lets you shop duty free prices even if you have no flight schedule. Plus there are non-duty free items and free home delivery offer for over 10,000 items. Even better, get 3 unmissable perks with every qualified shopping throughout September.

Perk 1   Free gift voucher worth up to 1,200 Baht
Simply register for a free gift voucher by entering a promotion code provided by our salesperson before shopping. A total spending made on the registration date is eligible for 1 gift voucher / customer / day.

  • 200-Baht gift voucher for 5,000-Baht net spending or more
  • 500-Baht gift voucher for 10,000-Baht net spending or more
  • 1,200-Baht gift voucher for 20,000-Baht net spending or more

Gift voucher is valid through 5 September 2020.

Perk 2 Free tummy-filling
With a net spending of 5,000-Baht or more / receipt, get free dining coupon for use at Thai Taste Hub on Level 3 of King Power Rangnam. Coupon is valid on the date of issue only. Customers are eligible for 1 coupons / customer / day.

Perk 3 Free
Be a smart shopper! Buy a 40,000-Baht cash card at Member Service counter or online and be eligible to shop up to 42,500 Baht. Plus get a complimentary SCARLET membership right away, if you are not a member already and many more privileges from participating banks.

For more information, please contact King Power Contact Centre by calling 1631 or click https://member.kingpower.com/Promotions/Detail/701

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