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Endless Celebrations!

By October 3, 2018 No Comments


The bells of happiness will chime once again at King Power Rangnam when King Power teams up with Disney Thailand to create the most exclusive event of its kind for the first time – Endless Celebrations. King Power will be transformed into the magical Kingdom full of surprises, festive celebration, joy and laughters throughout a good three months. The highlight is inevitably the anniversary toast to Mickey Mouse’s official 90th anniversary on 18 November 2018.

Along with welcoming Mickey Mouse fans to witness and be a part of the celebration of this historic milestone, King Power also extends an invitation for everyone to come celebrate the wonder of Christmas festivities and join us in the magic of countdown à la Disney style while kids have their own arena to express their talents.

You will be under the spell of magical surprises from all your favourite Disney characters taking turn to keep you amused. Various activities and fun games will take you stroll down the memory lane with nostalgic feelings.

CELEBRATION EXPRESS Celebration Express will take you on a happy train en route Mickey & Friends Boulevard through super cute passage of multimedia of scenic visual.

GARDEN OF DREAMS Swing by to Garden of Dreams and pose for adorable memorable photos amidst the blooming blossom and Disney character.

MICKEY & FRIENDS BOULEVARD At Mickey & Friends Boulevard, you are free to roam along the street in the neighbourhood of Mickey Mouse and friends whose homes are ready to entertain you with special workshops every day.

MEGA STORE Even better, you can also get your hands on original Disney merchandise exclusive at King Power at Mega Store.

MICKEY HALLWAY At Mickey Hallway, you will be in awe with interactive games. And yes, this photogenic zone is one of the most instagram-worthy spots at the festival.

MICKEY GALLERY Be dazzled with the paintings of Thailand’s top 9 artists at Mickey Gallery. Every piece is created under the Welcome Mickey to Thailand concept as part of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary.

Endless joy and happiness await you all at King Power Rangnam’s Endless Celebrations. See you all from 18 November 2018 through to 20 January 2019.