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My World: Tiny Wisdom

A small chapter from Chalisa Viravan’s diaries about visiting Mount Kailash, in Tibet, a place believed by four religions to be the centre of the universe Many people have asked me why I chose to venture to such a challenging place. My reason is pretty simple -- I did it because I wanted to. I was 14 years old when I left home to study abroad, so travelling has always been a part of my life. I also moved school a lot, so I always experienced new things. People usually think that those who travel to places off the beaten path are unhappy people looking for a solution. Maybe they got that idea from Thai dramas, in which women choose to run away to escape problems. Some think that it’s better to be comfortable at home. For me, I am an extremist in a way. Mount Kailash is the ultimate destination for me -- I had heard about it…
12 December 2017
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Food & Drinks: Quality Meal

POWER PACK Healthy drinks from The Junction At Pullman include Ophelia for detoxification, Goji Frizz packed with antioxidants, and Fruity Break for an energy boost. QUALITY MEAL Make Mother’s Day more meaningful with healthy food and special gifts STORY AND STYLE EKARIN YUSUKSOMBOON PHOTOGRAPHY PIPAT JAMRAT ASSISTANT STYLIST NOPPARAT THORNSRI THE SIGNATURE Snow fish steak with sugar pea and butter sauce is Wine Pub’s signature dish. If you love the tender texture of snow fish, this is a must-try dish.At Pullman Bangkok King Power, every dining outlet has its own distinctive character and offers wonderful flavours. The chefs are always seeking new ingredients to introduce new sensations for a dynamic culinary experience. Riceberry is an ingredient that Thai people are proud of.  It originated from a cross-breed between Hom Nin purple rice and Jasmine Rice 105. The result is riceberry, which is extremely nutritious and high in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, gamma…
8 December 2017