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My World:
Go With The Flow

Thitapa Panasahatham - Director of Communications Rosewood Bangkok Public Relations Executive is the traveller who swears by no definitive travel plan as she believes that unforeseeable situations and recommendation from the locals always lead you to surprises. Her impressions on our four neighbouring countries could rekindle your desire to pack your bags and hit the road again.
25 August 2020
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Last Words:
A Whole New World

A WHOLE NEW WORLD STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY LILANAN RONAKIAT DESIGNER / APRILPOOLDAY’S CO-FOUNDER Iran is one of my favourite destinations because it is a lesser known country among travellers, so everything is still natural, authentic and not superficial. Being a rather closed country, it does not have much influence from other countries, so its long-standing culture is evident, mysterious and captivating, from its religion-inspired architecture to houses constructed from clay to keep the people cool and comfortable in their homes. Its deserts are filled with wonderful stories, while its handwoven rugs tell the history of nomads. The experiences here are unlike anywhere else in the world. 
8 July 2020
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Travel in Style:
Rhine Falls

Another must-visit destination in Switzerland is the Chapel Bridge, Europe’s oldest surviving truss bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland. It dates from the 14th century and is more than 600 years old now. In Spring, wear classic brown and this summer’s popular woven shoes and bags to look both graceful and eco-friendly at the same time.
16 June 2020