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Unexpected Charm

Passionate about travelling, each year, 28-year-old “Pound” Haruethai Jayant Na Ayudhaya, owner of Haatiya fashion label, explores new cities around the world. She will talk about three ancient cities that she would like to recommend to everyone, as they are simply breathtaking.
8 February 2019
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Amazing Bangkok: Old Bangkok City Walking Tour

The sun sparkles on the surface of the canal that encircles the city. Boats approach Phan Fa Lilat Bridge, which connects Ratchadamnoen Klang (Central Ratchadamnoen) and Ratchadamnoen Nok (Outer Ratchadamnoen), leading the way to the city wall. This area is also home to Mahakan Fort, one of 14 citadels that defended the old walled city, dating back to the reign of King Rama I (20 March 1736 - 7 September 1809), built when the King ascended to the throne and established Bangkok as the capital city.
11 December 2018