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Food & Drinks: Black Magic

BLACK MAGIC Ask any food writer and they will tell you that chocolate is always a relevant topic. STORY AND STYLE EKARIN YUSUKSOMBOON PHOTOGRAPHY PIPAT JAMRAT ASSISTANT STYLIST NOPPAWAN CHERDSUKJAI MIDAS TOUCH Chocolate from Patchi: From shop decorating to packaging, everything about Patchi makes its chocolate even more special. Chocolate Deluxe is a set of Milk Chocolate with Cream Pistachio and Hazelnut with special designs. This bittersweet ingredient has appealed to people for centuries. It was considered a holy drink for a South American tribe. Today, chocolate has become a symbol of love for Valentine’s Day and a favourite among people around the world. People perceive chocolate in different ways. Scientists and nutritionists continue to discover wonderful things about chocolate. It is said to help you sleep better and boost your memory. It’s called “food of the gods”. Its flavour has been praised by poets. Chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day,…
23 February 2018